The Wild Boar

Now then, this is a location that ticks a ton of boxes and that I will hold my hands up and say made me a bit nervous. The last wedding day there was raining (I mean bucketing), so I was left to photograph the guests in the lounges at close quarters. A test for any Lake District wedding photographer, but what I achieved was a moment of enlightenment. The longer I stayed in the lounges, the more people got used to me being there and just accepted me as part of the furnishings. It was awesome, now I know that photography is a learning process (it’s a given) all of the time and you never really do stop learning your craft, but social skills apply to this rule even more so. A lesson learned at the Roundthorn a few years ago soon comes to the fore when in the same situation again.

So the Wild Boar, what is it like? Well the décor is brilliant, especially in the main room with a rock face jutting out one side of the kitchen area. The dance floor is really spacious and every wedding there has been well thought out by the bride and groom, done with style and panache. I love venues that have their own little quirky corners and amazing little details and the Wild Boar is no exception.

Outside there is a small green and also some woodland which is great for group images. There is also a small tarn at the top of the estate that the venue is on, accessible by Land Rover only but can make for some really lovely photographs. Wedding photographers will have a real treat here and I for one love its quirkiness and staunch contrast to a lot of the other Lake District wedding venues.

Website: The Wild Boar

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