The Samling

Where to start on the Samling, the views (amazing), the bedroom suites (incredible), the staff (amazing), no, the best place to start is the wine cellar, boasting £6500 bottles of wine has to be the most amazing I have ever seen. If you have been to the Samling, there really is no need for me to sell it to you, so I will get on with talking about photography there and locations.

The main building has lots of nooks and crannies, a fine cigar selection (Cuban), shelves full of old and rare books, Amazing and rare liquors and whisky selections too. Photographing in here is surprisingly easy given that there is nowhere near the space offered by the likes of nearby Storrs hall or the Daffodil. Outside space is some of the best in the Lake District and offers views towards the southern Lakeland fells and Windermere.

Behind the outbuildings is a beautiful woodland trail with the most amazing dappled light on sunny days. At the other end of the property is a large barn which can be used for daytime wedding breakfasts and evening dancing. Some of my favourite locations for photographing are the snug in the garden which is beautiful and also under the vines on sunny days which offer protection from the harsh light.

As you approach the Samling you could blink and miss it. It has a small name plaque at the end of the drive, no big signpost or huge advert at the gate. It is exclusive in the utmost and boasts a huge list of ‘A’ list celebs that have stayed there. Go and have a wedding show round and it will become obvious as to why.


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