Roundthorn Country House

Another venue where one of my first solo weddings was shot, so it holds really fond memories for me. I have shot over a dozen weddings there since in the last five years and no matter how often I go back, it is always nice to hear that white gravel crunching beneath my feet. Fewer venues have stood the test of time like the Roundthorn. Photographing weddings there is one of the best experiences a photographer in Cumbria can have. It comes with it’s own set of challenges and its own way of conducting a wedding which is quite unique. One of my first weddings shot on film was here too and it still looks great five years on.

So… What is there for photographers? Well. A large garden at the front and large fences offer a lot of variation. There are views over the fields towards the Northern Lakes just down the drive and you can head into the field for an uninterrupted view if the ground is dry. You can also head down to the old quarry which is only a two minute drive down the road and in the other direction is another opportunity for an uninterrupted view over the Lake District fells.

Wedding photography at the Roundthorn itself can also be rewarding when it is raining and you have no option but to work inside. The rooms are very tastefully decorated with four poster beds which photograph really well. There is also an awesome stained glass window on the staircase and a lovely lounge for group images downstairs. There is also the option to conduct group images in the main reception room with the tables set up in the background.

Weddings here are great. Photography here is great and the main frontage of the Roundthorn lights up at night. Some really amazing images can be captured here at night. For wedding photographers in Cumbria, the Roundthorn is always a flexible and creative venue.


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