New House Farm

Originally described to me as “past Cockermouth, but not the any of the directions that you are thinking”, New House Farm was sold to me as some sort of Narnia type wedding venue initially. Pulling up in my magical photographers Honda Accord, I realised that it was just a couple of miles past Hundith Hill! What a place though. The barn itself looks over towards Blake Fell and Melbreak with a pond at the top of the grounds and a small grouping of trees. This high ground gives some great views over the fells.

Inside is dark as there really are no windows, so those who do decide to get married there do well to invest in hiring a professional lighting company like SVL to shed light on the interior. This conversely makes evening entertainment very moody as even in the summer it can be dark inside at any time. The last dj setting up there sparked a dance off at 7.30pm, in the summer… Just unheard of! Wedding photographers that work here do come back with some great images though and I look forward to going back the next time. Weddings at New House Farm are always different and the clients always very unique.


Heather Glen


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