Merewood Country House Hotel

The Merewood makes my day. Everytime I attend a wedding there I have one regular shot. Just the one mind which takes in the Biblically beautiful view towards the Langdales and the Western Fells. Without doubt this is the most incredible view in the Lake District and really sums up why people choose to get married in Lakeland. It also goes a long way to explain why I chose to be a photographer in the most beautiful part of the United Kingdom.

Some of my most extrovert and interesting clients have held their weddings at the Merewood. From stand up comedians to other wedding photographers, artists and designers, it seems to attract a certain type of couple. Weddings here are always exciting, more mint choc chip than vanilla, maybe with some strawberry sauce…. and sprinkles.

Merewood is the epiphany of the hidden location venues in the Lakes. If you want to take good photographs, there are stacks of places around the hotel to build an impressive portfolio. Go slightly off the beaten track and it is like going down the rabbit hole into wonderland. There are small paths through woodland, fields that look out onto Lakeland fells full of beautiful horses and at certain times of year, majestic snowdrop and bluebell woods. Wedding photographers love photographing here for all of the above reasons. Not all know of the best locations, but knowing where to go at certain times of year can reveal a Lake District that is more like something out of a C.S Lewis Novel than from Beatrix Potter.

Also have a look at the Merewoods’ sister hotel in another gallery, the Cragwood, which is becoming one of the most popular of the Lakeside venues and sports an epic boathouse which can be accessed at certain times of day by photographers and couples attending the Merewood. Something worth bearing in mind.

Have a look through some of the photography from the Merewood above and bear in mind that the surface has only just been scratched when photographing at this jewel in the Lake Districts crown.

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