Langley Castle

Yeah, so Langley Castle has a lot of stairs. My saving grace for carting equipment being the service lift at the back. It is very beautiful though and in a really awesome setting. Since there are very few windows, you tend to photograph with directional light, which although has its drawbacks, can be very dramatic. Thereā€¦ Its dramatic. For locations at Langley, there is tonnage outside. I mean heaps of places, including a cool little doorway near the car park, in the modern extension restaurant at the back where evening meals are served. At the large window in the main lounge, using the dramatic sweeping view up the driveway. If roof access is available on the wedding day, you can get a view over the valley of the river Tyne winding its way to the sea and some great architectural features.

When the weather turns, you can use the ceremony room for group photographs on the ground floor, the ceremony room itself or the restaurant at the back of the Castle to do smaller groups. The dance floor is always bigger than most other venues meaning that you have space to move around everyone when party time lands. I have also noticed that Northumberland and Newcastle photographers photograph at Langley Castle in a really different way to the Cumbrian wedding Photographers. Odd that.

Anyway, A great venue for a wedding with heaps of space and very dramatic lighting means full and stylish wedding portfolios as a result.


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