Kendal Registry Office

Okay, slightly random offering for a registry office to appear in my list as it technically isn't really a venue. It has been the location of some great weddings though, one of which is featured here. It is one of the weddings that wedding photographers dream of, especially in Cumbria. For budget weddings, this is a fab idea. The couple weren't even looking for a cheap option, they just wanted something that they could make their own, totally unique.

I have worked at registry offices from Barrow-In-Furness, right to the other end of Cumbria in Carlisle. In no way do want this to appear as though this is my favorite registry office in Cumbria, even if it is one of the poshest. It started at the Salutation Hotel in Ambleside for prep, followed by a quick ceremony in Kendal. We then headed up to Windermere, via a quick stop off at Black Moss and on to a small Windermere Lake Cruises boat (Lady of the Lake) where there were a dozen bottles of really nice Bollinger champagne (on ice) and bags of fish and chips from Vinegar Jones chip shop in Bowness.

The images as a result were ultra relaxed and beautiful as a result.

Website: Kendal Registry Office

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