Hetland Hall Hotel

So, another venue in Scotland, not the Lake District. I photograph everywhere and have photographed weddings in Mexico, Croatia and Crete. Dumfries is a slightly shorter hop only being an hour from home. It is a lovely venue and the outside is its best attribute. There are some beautiful bunches of trees that can offer some incredible shaded areas when the sun is out. They also boast a helicopter landing pad on the lawn and a beautiful fountain at the back door.

Further beyond the venue are some really beautiful lanes full of thistles and lots of greenery which have lots of potential. There are also some beautiful images available on he drive up to Hetland and also by heading down the lawn and photographing back towards the hotel.

The dance floor is massive and can hold an entire Keighley band and dancers. Even though the main part of reception room has no windows, it is a perfect opportunity to candle light the room which is really effective and very cozy in the winter.


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