Heather Glen Country House

So it’s in the Eden Valley in Cumbria and not the Lake District, but I probably do three or four weddings a year at the Heather Glen and it is a really enjoyable place to photograph. On Sunny days you have an awesome stream running through the grounds with lots of open space for group photographs, there is a really funky garden shed (trust me) and some huge reeds in mid summer that are awesome to photograph through.

On wet days people tend to congregate in the bar area hampering movement a bit for photographers but using the main function room and the covered area outside, group images are a breeze. Weddings at the Heather Glen are not just limited to receptions as only recently I photographed my first civil service there which was a great experience. The function room is so big, it had one hundred people seated with a ton of space to spare.

Just a note, the food is excellent and way up there with the best in Eden.


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