Greystoke Castle

Greystoke is a really brilliant venue. It is an all weather place with amazing grounds, a lake and an incredible long winding drive. Inside there is an amazing balcony, leading to an amazing staircase, which is wider than my living room. Ceremonies are usually held in the great hall or if the ceremony is smaller, in the library on the ground floor. Photographing on the staircase is just incredible and the large windows let in a ton of light in the winter.

One of the best parts of Greystoke is the room upstairs where brides are taken before the ceremony, also those who have been will have experienced the special forces toilet too! Outside is a playground for wedding photographers in good weather. There are stacks of locations and some really obvious usual suspects that a lot of photographers use as their staple Greystoke repertoire. I like the back side of the lake, the willow tree and the walls at the side of the castle. Lots of alternative options for images near the boat house and also at the long wall which separates the front of the Castle from the back. Amazing.

Lodore Falls


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