Castle Inn Hotel

Just up from Armathwaite Hall is the Castle Inn, situated on the crossroads at Bassenthwaite, it shares the same proximity to Bassenthwaite Lake that Armathwaite Hall does. With Bassenthwaite as your back garden, possibilities for wedding photographers really are endless.

That however is not its only party trick. There is a beautiful arch which is cut into one of the hedges on the far side of the tennis court which is awesome to photograph and this in turn leads to a wild meadow at the back which has paths cut through it… What? That’s awesome! Couple that with a beautiful pool and leisure suite, oh and the rework of the entrance (moved to the other end of the hotel) which brings it bang up to date and further with the other Lakes hotels and you have a real winner.

Wedding photographers in the Lake District should take a lot of notice of the Castle Inn as it really is a venue with heaps of potential. Its geographic location is just perfection for getting dreamy evening images down by the lake too. The main function room can also hold a huge amount of people.

I really enjoy photographing at the Castle Inn.


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