Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Broadoaks is a fine venue. There really is something about the wood panelling that gives it the feel of an exclusive country club. In face it was at one point a shooting lodge for posh aristocrats as you can see from the paintings hung all around. With the new extension of an orangery to the back of the building, photographers have a much easier time there than of old. The rear of the Broadoaks has been opened up to make it a venue that can handle a much higher capacity of guests. Levelling it on possible capacity of people with the likes of the Old England and nearby Cragwood hotel.

So what is to love? Well, there is the abundance of natural light in the new extension, the amazing fountain, swing, grounds in general that really sets the Broadoaks apart. There are also a few beautiful small rooms in the older part of the hotel with amazing fireplaces (lit in the winter) which really give it an cozy feeling. Just a side note… in one of the rooms there is an awesome sunken bath which looks sooo inviting!

So the Broadoaks, wedding photographers love it for all of the reasons above and more. One of the finest ‘off lake’ venues in the Lake District.


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