Armathwaite Hall

Every time I park up at Armathwaite Hall at the start of a wedding day, I really feel no nerves at all. Armathwaite is the classic all weather venue and great portfolios are the order of the day regardless of rain, hail, sunshine and more recently, snow!

The function suite is one of the largest in the Lake District and the beautiful LED ceiling on the dance floor has gained me an accolade on a national level from a feature in Professional Photographer Magazine. A lot of photographers think that the Hotel is all about the Limes at the back, a huge row of trees that is perfect for photography. They are right (to an extent) as photographing under these trees is a recipe for really nice images and even in the rain they are dry underneath. The grounds (and photography) at Armathwaite Hall don’t end there though. The beautiful gates with A and H set into them at the front of the hall are awesome, the fantastic staircase can be great for group images on rainy days and the billiard room is a really really great location. The rest of the locations that I haven’t yet used will stay under my hat.

Bassenthwaite Lake is just a two minute drive away and in good weather can make some great photographs. This really is a beautiful part of the Lake District which is a real mecca for photographers. The views out to the western face of Skiddaw and further North to Binsey are some of the finest in Lakeland making Armathwaite Hall flexible and surrounded by a wealth of creative ideas.

Photographing wedding preparations at Armathwaite Hall is brilliant and allows me to get a feel for the day. Any prep is good when it is based at the venue beforehand, but especially at Armathwaite. It is only a short run downstairs to capture guests arriving and dip back into the bridal suite to capture some great photographs of the bride getting into her dress. There is also good shade in the woods for group images on really sunny days. Essential as the hotel is rarely closed to the public for an event or wedding.

Photographing at Armathwaite is a joy. I really haven’t found where the grounds end and the rest of the Lake District starts. A photographer's playground is a real understatement to describe what it has to offer. If you are planning on getting married there, please fill out the contact form to secure the services of someone who knows and loves being there as much as you.


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