Okay, so some of Cumbrias’ best days are when the weather is less than kind. Mother nature could have dealt up any sort of sunny day for Dan and Heather, but instead she chose to rain and blow gales that in turn made that rain horizontal. Outside of this devilish mix of weather is another factor. The long path to the church from the car park, which is considerably longer when carrying heavy kit. The benefit of this day is that I had a second photographer in my good friend Thomas Beecham, one of my favourite photographers from the Kendal area. Together we battled the elements and came away with not just a few diamonds from the day, but a portfolio to rival some of the best sunny days we have seen. Shooting for portfolio as opposed to shooting for just a few great images, surrounded by filler is fundamental to great wedding photography. To be able to produce images of a high volume which are all of a consistently high standard is a skill that not every photographer can master. This day was all about storytelling and producing a strong and effective portfolio of work.

I started at Heathers parents’ house where it was nice and busy with all of her bridesmaids there and also a some newborn chicks which had just hatched. Although we live in the sticks, I don’t get to see chicks so often… Plenty of sheep but no chicks. I arrived just as the girls were getting on with makeup and opening presents from Dan. Heather received the beautiful Tiffany bracelet which she wore on the day from Dan. Very nice… The car arrived which was a beautiful black Morgan from our friends at Lakes and Dales wedding cars. This was then put to good work going to collect sandwiches before taking Heather to the church in Dean.

I jumped ahead and met up with Thomas at the church where we looked for shelter mostly but got some cool images of guests fighting the elements. These were a pretty good indicator of the conditions we would face until the end of the day. Blaithwaite is a little more sheltered than the church, so much so that we were even able to get outside for some photographs before the meal and a few group images. Blaithwaite House Weddings is amazing, I mean really amazing. There are so many great locations, that you may or may not think about from a photographers point of view that really sing. The daffodils were out too which gave a very welcome splash of colour to some of the outside images. Some hilarious speeches and some uncomfortable moments from the best man for Dan, finished off the afternoon. After grabbing a few larger groups in the evening it was a great addition to have fireworks. Seeing them occasionally blasted by the wind was cool too and made some dramatic images.

It was a real pleasure to photograph Dan and Heathers day. Even though the weather was challenging and most people remained inside, there was a great spirit to the day. The weather didn’t matter, the champagne was plentiful and two of the nicest people you could imagine were married. Below is just a small selection of the portfolio from the day 🙂


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