Being used to working in the Lake District I found that I was sort of taking things for granted on this wedding at Gaynes Park in Essex. Being used to having a view pretty much everywhere you look really adds another dimension to weddings. Not having this luxury means you work much harder for your images and the rewards, when they come leave you grinning stupidly from ear to ear.

I was working alongside the awesome Simon Love from Courting Whale Pictures, shooting stills and also some film for the day. It also meant an epic five hour drive down to London at night and I am the worst possible passenger but I did not hurl in the car (for once) and actually felt rather chipper after the drive down. On the morning we headed out to the prep hotel about six miles away from out own digs, which was as London as it could be, with teams of Gucci dressed execs on laptops in the foyer, heading for flights and wandering about on new iphones in an animated fashion. This did not make me yearn for a six figure salary or a Range Rover… Maybe a range rover, but made me focus even more on the task in hand, and besides the weight of the equipment was so back breaking it was hard to think of anything else other than putting it down in a nice hotel room. Everything went fab and there were no signs of nerves from Adam or Steph, but more excitement than almost any other wedding I have covered. This was going to be a good one.

After the sat nav took us here there and everywhere we arrived at the venue. The sign outside looked just like the one for a pub but along the winding drive things couldn’t be more different. Considering you could almost kick the bottom of the shard from where we were, were above London’s sprawl and surrounded by open countryside. London looked like a still from a Mary Poppins Painting.. With erm… Jets… and Skyscrapers. I would rattle on for an eternity about this great couple and their equally great wedding day, but I think I will let the images speak for themselves. I missed photographing in the mountains, but found one of the most amazing venues I have ever been to. So, my memories of this day are as follows:

Very very funny speeches

Si waking me up at an ungodly hour

A great great venue that photographed amazingly well

A brilliant couple who were welcoming to all and up for just about anything

Playing music (ejector seat anyone?) which 99% of Si disliked. We should have stopped waaaaaaay earlier on the A1 by the way

Everyone laughing and smiling. Making a great atmosphere and our jobs a lot easier in turn.


With thanks, here are the spoils 🙂

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