A year review is something I love to hate. Spending time mulling over what has been rather than what will be in up-coming weddings for 2015. What a year it has been though. One that I couldn’t let pass by without marking it somehow. My work has taken me abroad twice, on countless journeys to the Lake District to serve clients that have come from all corners and walks of life and made some awesome, awesome stories of love and laughter come to life.

There are so many stories from this past year that I really don’t know where to begin. So, I thought, why not talk about what I am going to be looking for in 2015, a year that will be life changing and hopefully life enriching in this (rather unusual) line of work that I find myself in. For weddings that I already have on the diary at the moment I will be checking off some of the venues that I haven’t yet clapped camera onto, like Cote How and Storrs Hall. I will also be looking onto some old friends with soft affectionate eyes like Armathwaite Hall, Inn on the Lake and the Lodore Falls, all of which I will be looking at a little differently this time around, taking my time, moving slower (in the busiest sense) and noticing more around me.

I still hold the belief that there are so many wedding photographers in the Lake District, but only a select few to choose from. We see each other at wedding fairs and occasionally have a chat or a coffee. There are probably less than half a dozen that really command respect for their work, versatility and ability. Where others will judge the best on their marketing tactics or which venues that they may have a ‘special relationship’ with, I will always judge my fellow photographers on their images, talent and creativity. I always favor those who have the ability to use natural light to its very best rather than using artificial light to beat their way through a wedding day. I will look forward to seeing what others make of 2015 as well as myself.

So, my first wedding is Saturday, the third of January, so no break really until a holiday at Easter. Probably at which point I will be little company as I am catching up on missed sleep from 2014, hahaha. Still, there are a few people out there and other suppliers outside photography that deserve a similar amount of recognition for their endeavors in the Cumbrian wedding industry. I will be creating a page of those people on my site soon, those that I have worked with whose work I respect and admire. Not friends, but just a record of the suppliers who’s work ethic and tireless efforts make you smile to yourself on dark windy drives homeward after long wedding days. They do get my respect and well wishes for the year ahead. I found the image on the front of this post and it had been my desktop for about a month. I think it sums things up pretty well.

Oh, I grew a beard too. Onward!

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