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Well I suppose you want to know a little about me, what makes me tick, what kinds of camera I use, my perfect Sunday etc… But more relavant is where I have come from and what experience I have gained over the years that qualify me to be where I am.

I was working as a photographer’s assistant, In a camera shop (naturally) and then went on to become a journalist and eventually a magazine editor in the north-east before becoming a wedding photographer in the Lake District. I am originally from Cumbria and know the terrain very well, but spent seven years working in the north-east. I was head hunted one day for a job working in magazines and that really is where it all started. I already enjoyed photography, ended up shooting work and fashion features for the mag and then moved on to portrait photography with Venture portraits in Durham.

Moving back to Cumbria and to Ireby on the fringe of the northern Lake District was really exciting. Starting shooting weddings while working for a small local studio gave me grounding in both working for myself on a freelance basis and also how to think creatively under pressure.

I now live on the Solway coast with my lovely family and mental cats and I wouldn’t change a thing. Life is great, I am still as keen and creative now as I was when I first started out. I still shoot on film alongside digital for certain projects and even weddings when it is requested, processing it on my own rather than sending it to a lab. I still stop and think things through while working and always look for the very best angle on a wedding photograph. I constantly want to challenge the normal and mundane types of photography available and to create something that is a little more than people would expect from a normal wedding photographer.

If you would like to see me talking about various things, see the video below where I chit chat about cameras and digital. I have since found a workflow that allows digital and film wedding photography to integrate seamlessly making huge and expansive portfolios as a result.

For anything else please use the contact page or give me a call. I look forward to hearing about your wedding plans and any ideas that you have.

Getting Ready

There are masses of wedding photographers in the Lake District, so many to choose from. I hope you can see real value in a photographer who always wants to create something unique. I constantly have ideas going round in my head. To have a quick browse of my brain, feel free to click on the below link to be taken to my Pinterest account. Don’t worry, it will open in a new window, so when you are done, just close it to come back here!

Getting Ready


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