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Lake District Wedding Photographers

For those who pride themselves on being different, my style of photography is undoubtedly for you. Although I conduct wedding assignments in the wider Cumbrian area, The Lake District is home and is where I find I can use my local knowledge of venues and landscape to create beautiful wedding photography.

I have been a photographer in the Cumbria for five years now and have become familiar with every venue in the Lake District that I know of. Every wedding is a new experience and every client deserves and receives something unique when I photograph their day. There are almost as many venues as there are photographers in the Lakes and each venue has something different to offer each bride and groom. This works in the same way for photographers, as there are some full time (like me) and some part time who photograph weddings on a weekend. Being full time allows me to develop and grow as a photographer, work on new projects and produce new services without the distraction of a day job. A real advantage over part timers.

My work is different to any other photographer's work in every way. I chose to be different because of my belief in what good vision, forward planning and great composition can help to create on a wedding day. I aim to involve brides and grooms when I have to and outside of that time, catch images of your family and friends enjoying the wedding. To have a look at where my work differs from others, have a look at my gallery pages, updated regularly and showing images from each venue in the Lake District, Cumbria, Nationally and internationally. In these pages you will see the difference between having a photographer that simply photographs by numbers (there are plenty of those) and a photographer with flexibility and creativity.

So, what now?.. Give me a call or drop me an email. I would be interested to know what you have planned for your wedding. I will be sure to create you something that is both stylish and unique whether your wedding is in the Lake District, Cumbria or further afield.. It will have to be beautiful and bold or I would never be happy. I can show you albums and portfolios from weddings that are varied and creative, with rich, bright colours and gorgeously toned black and white prints.

I am privileged to maybe even be considered to be part of your wedding day. I see my photography as a way of communicating, almost like a language that allows me to say what I see. I hope I can create something great for you and I look forward to working with you.

Photography, like paintings is all about looking… You have to keep looking until you see

- David Bailey

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Lake District Wedding Photographers

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